Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Big News

I have decided it is time I finished all my works in progress as I have an important event happening in November, I am going to be a granny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So I need to clear the decks and get some baby
things made.
       As soon as I heard the news I got my knitting needles out and knitted my very first ever baby cardigan.

      I then finished the virus shawl I had just started, I sell the wool on my website www.susiebutton.com

I still need to finish this lovely blanket

I have made 3 of these squares another 6 to do,  so as this is a big project I am making another
baby blanket in Stylecraft Baby 4 ply

and because I need a new dishcloth I thought I would knit one and spent last night doing it.

And because everything is wool related so far here are a few cards I recently made.

I have been spending hours looking through all the baby items on Pinterest for ideas to make for the baby, but the next thing I will be making is a giant elephant by request from my daughter.


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