Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Big News

I have decided it is time I finished all my works in progress as I have an important event happening in November, I am going to be a granny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   So I need to clear the decks and get some baby
things made.
       As soon as I heard the news I got my knitting needles out and knitted my very first ever baby cardigan.

      I then finished the virus shawl I had just started, I sell the wool on my website www.susiebutton.com

I still need to finish this lovely blanket

I have made 3 of these squares another 6 to do,  so as this is a big project I am making another
baby blanket in Stylecraft Baby 4 ply

and because I need a new dishcloth I thought I would knit one and spent last night doing it.

And because everything is wool related so far here are a few cards I recently made.

I have been spending hours looking through all the baby items on Pinterest for ideas to make for the baby, but the next thing I will be making is a giant elephant by request from my daughter.


Friday, 15 April 2016

Decorating finished

I have just finished the last bit of decorating until the end of the good weather.  I have spent 1 week stripping all the wallpaper in the hall, then 1 week painting and finally a  lovely new carpet fitted yesterday.
       I have lived in my bungalow for just over a year and each room is slowly being decorated.
All I have left to do is my crafting area and the conservatory.

This is my table after a good day of cardmaking.

      I have so may projects on the go at the moment, I am trying to knit my first pair of socks, I am knitting a baby blanket as I liked the pattern that is popular at the moment , the blanket they call the Call The Midwife Blanket, it is an old Patons pattern and in the series of call the midwife this blanket can often be seen.
        I am also crocheting a lovely blanket for myself, I wasnt going to do any more blankets as in the last year I have done 7 blankets, but I was at the craft trade show at the NEC and saw this blanket and just had to do it.  The pattern and wool needed can be bought  here www.susiebutton.com

This is one block  it's made up of 81 small squares attached as you go a long, This block is made 9 times then joined together making it 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long.
     So far I have done 3 and a half blocks and already thinking what to make next.

  I am thinking the mermaid blanket!!!!!!!!!!

Sue x

Saturday, 2 April 2016

My first post.

Hello and welcome to my new blog, where I will be sharing my daily life of getting the right balance between housework, family and crafting .
  I am in my late 50's and  I have 3 children of which only one is still at home, and have a lovely dog called Sid.

I love crafting in many forms, I make all my own cards, I sew, knit, crochet, bake and I love gardening,The next thing I will be trying is felting.

At the moment I am in the middle of decorating the hallway, we moved into a bungalow just
over a year ago and I am gradually decorating each room.

I have an online craft shop www.susiebutton.com,  which takes up a lot of my time, then in the
evening I get my crochet out, I am making my 8th blanket, I am doing the Stylecraft pattern 9255

I am also crocheting the baby blanket which has got to be known as the call the midwife blanket
as its a blanket they use on the program, it is a very old Patons pattern.