Friday, 15 April 2016

Decorating finished

I have just finished the last bit of decorating until the end of the good weather.  I have spent 1 week stripping all the wallpaper in the hall, then 1 week painting and finally a  lovely new carpet fitted yesterday.
       I have lived in my bungalow for just over a year and each room is slowly being decorated.
All I have left to do is my crafting area and the conservatory.

This is my table after a good day of cardmaking.

      I have so may projects on the go at the moment, I am trying to knit my first pair of socks, I am knitting a baby blanket as I liked the pattern that is popular at the moment , the blanket they call the Call The Midwife Blanket, it is an old Patons pattern and in the series of call the midwife this blanket can often be seen.
        I am also crocheting a lovely blanket for myself, I wasnt going to do any more blankets as in the last year I have done 7 blankets, but I was at the craft trade show at the NEC and saw this blanket and just had to do it.  The pattern and wool needed can be bought  here

This is one block  it's made up of 81 small squares attached as you go a long, This block is made 9 times then joined together making it 3 blocks wide and 3 blocks long.
     So far I have done 3 and a half blocks and already thinking what to make next.

  I am thinking the mermaid blanket!!!!!!!!!!

Sue x

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